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always count on vlad
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    hey ho. you probably know me as the admin of dosewallips; this is my personal account, but most of what you're going to find here is scrap art. things i didn't particularly put effort into, you know?
if you came here looking to know more about me, you're probably better off checking my other accounts - i'm not on here often, oops.

     » tumblr is tokiitae
     » twitter is also @tokiitae
     » instagram is @kiitqaa
     » skype is cascadiaofficial


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eelguy Featured By Owner May 17, 2015
I don't exactly mean to pry or brown-nose, but based on some heavy evidence that I was shown a few months ago, we're you serious that you would kill yourself if you were a father to an Autistic child? If that is true, why are you so negative towards people who are Autistic? Are you Autistic yourself? I can understand that Autistics don't necessarily mix, based on my experience. I am merely asking you this out of curiosity, because I don't understand and I want to know, because I was born with Autism. 
s-alish Featured By Owner May 18, 2015
i don't remember saying that atm but if i did say it then no, i didn't mean it, and i apologize if it made you feel bad
but i'm not going to lie to you by saying i always get along with people that have particular behaviors that are commonly found in children and some teenagers that have autism. i can't be around people that have loud outbursts or i'm going to have a panic attack, and it drives me insane when people imitate me. like, at all. i get paranoid and eat at myself trying not to confront them about it. i will admit to purposefully avoiding people who display those behaviors.
again, sorry if that upsets you. i'm not the most patient person. 
eelguy Featured By Owner May 19, 2015
I see, I understand now. I'm aware that what I'm about to say might be offending, but please bear with me. Mostly, what I have to add is that you might need to take hold of your anxiety, and not let it control you. If you say that behavior exhibited by people with autism you see as a threat, you need to see that those behaviors are not meant to be threatening. They're merely coping skills, such as shouting or hand-flapping as a release of energy. Anyways, that's just what I think 
WYR-D Featured By Owner Edited May 4, 2015   Digital Artist
I came here out of curiosity about the admin and...and...and I noticed I was on your little list at the bottom. :iconblushuplz:
I don't know what to say I am just really flattered because you are a senpai hhhh.
//flailing about unsure what to do
Also, I like your little bio layout. u w u
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